I swear they are snogging while we are not looking!

So, somewhere on tumblr I read about the scene in “Deep Breath” when Clara steps out of the box in the beginning. That she not only looks like she had a hell of a ride - because of the Tardis crashing, also she looks like she has been snogged like hell.

And first I found that amusing, but then I saw “Into the Dalek” and I think Clara and Twelfe have some serious snogging going on!

You don’t believe me? Well, let me open the case file for you:

First we see the Doctor

the man, don’t wants to be disturbed.

Then we see Clara in “Deep Breath” stepping out of the Tardis

and don’t tell me this woman doesn’t look snogged to the ground.

In the next episode “Into the Dalek” at the end when the Doctor brings Clara back to her cupboard, I first didn’t notice, but the Doctor looks not only very disarranged

he is also very much out of breath. Why?!

And there is Clara, after she has changed her cloth

(just assumptions, but maybe the Doctor was a bit wild)

and here we see the Doctor again.

Don’t tell me, this is not a man who has been snogged like there would have been no tomorrow.

Confidential Case File - SNOGBOX2308 closed

Good day!